Length 8.4 m
Width 2.1m
Height 2.9m
Seats 15+1+1

Our newest addition to our fleet is a very exclusive coach with 5-star facilities of the German premium brand Setra.

Instead of the usual 53 seats this car has only 44 seats, allowing a 5-star seat spacing of 90 cm.
By this particularly high pitch travelers have plenty of space and a generous legroom.
In conjunction with the folding leg rests and a back adjustment from 22 ° offers you a wonderful sleeper chair comfort.
The comfort seats are further distinguished by a so-called. Ambiente upholstery, the most elaborate upholstery in Setra residency program, and is independent of the seat back folding tables from.

A special highlight of this bus is its extensive equipped galley with catering service.
This multifunctional special cuisine of the company Frenzel allows us a very individual approach to your meals with food and drinks, as usually seen only from the aircraft manufactures.
it is equipped with microwaves, convection oven, 2 coffee machines, 2 refrigerators, wash-basin.
The accompanying personnel can prepare hot meals with the hot air oven up to 30 meals at a time for passengers.
Our catering offer is individually according to your taste, whether classical German, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, etc.
With the large cooling depots in the luggage compartment, which is a prerequisite for an unbroken cold chain, we also have the ability to offer multiple menus on request.
Talk to us, we will offer you at any time to a specific offer.

Another technical highlight in this bus is his very unique and technically sophisticated entertainment system that leaves nothing to be desired.
This includes 10 in the vehicle distributed LCD monitors with 19 or 10.2 and a sound system with speakers on each passenger seat, which provides an unparalleled listening experience.
With the multi-channel sound system, you can select between 8 channels of your favorite music.
Whether radio, CD, DVD, or iPod, the assignment of channels can cover a broad spectrum.
Channel 1: Radio
Channel 2: DVD
Channel 3: CD changer
Channel 4: I-Pod
Channel 5: I-Pod
Channel 6 CD changer
Channel 7: CD slot from radio
Channel 8: CD changer
The sound modules at each seat allow you to adjust the volume individually.
The data necessary for the headphones listening operation are distributed to travelers before driving from us.
In addition, we offer a free Wi-Fi on board, so you can surf with your smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. on the Internet. Finally it is equipped with
6, 230V sockets, etc. at your disposal for laptops, chargers.

If the tour group was particularly a lot of luggage with it, this bus can be operated with an 8 m3 capacity trailers.